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    You will see us talking about 'Tecnowool' a lot on our website and social media so we thought it would be a good idea to properly introduce you to this exceptional fabric which we have worked with to create our latest garments.

    Tecnowool is a first class technical fabric that has been made to order for us in Italy by a company we have worked with before called Pontetorto.  A family run fabric mill in Northern Italy who are world leaders in technical fabric production.

    Made from 63% wool, 24% nylon and 13% polyester, it is a green product that combines the very best of nature and technology.  The combination of the pile and carded wool offers a thermal comfort that no other product can reach.  The carded wool used is not treated with chlorine and is mostly recycled, the polyester on the inside stabilizes the fabric so it can be machine washed, a total must with today's busy lives.  In fact it comes out of the washing machine softer than ever and almost dry!

    Our tecnowool fleeces weigh so much less that a traditional woolen jumper or even a normal cotton hoodie, making it perfect for traveling and general adventuring!  Ideal for wearing under a shell/windbreaker jacket or as an outer layer on the warmer days of winter - it's all you need!

    It comes straight from where it is made in Italy, by a family run factory to our small workshop in Somerset to be crafted by us into garments that combine fashion, sport and comfort in a sustainable and ethical way.  We hope our garments will be kept and worn for years and years by our customers.